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Training Module:

create a sandbox

Quickly set up an environment for learning and testing TimeXtender.

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Need a SandBox?

Do I need a sandbox?

To run TimeXtender and complete this training you need a set of target data storage components.

This module will show you how to configure the free SQL Server developer edition on an existing Windows machine.

Looking for a more production-ready architecture?

On-Prem SQL

Azure SQL


Deploy Quickly in Azure

Deploy a TimeXtender App Server from the Azure Marketplace in Seconds


start on your Windows machine

You can configure a Sandbox on nearly any existing Windows machine. Either physical or virtual with Windows personal or server OS editions.

You'll want to have at least the following minimum specs:

  • CPU: 2.0 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 15 GB of available disk space
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INstall & Configure:


download SQL Server

unpack SQL Installer

  1. Run the SQL Server Installation
  2. Click Custom
  3. Click Install

Select new stand-alone SQL instance

  1. SQL Server Installation Center will open
  2. Click Installation
  3. Click New SQL Server stand-alone Installation
  4. Click Next

Select SQL Server Features

  1. Under Feature Selection
    1. Select Database Engine Services
    2. Select Analysis Services
    3. Click Next

Database configuration

  1. Under Instance Configuration section
    1. Select Default Instance
    2. Click Next
  2. Under Database Engine Configuration
    1. Select Mixed Mode
    2. Create a Password
    3. Note down the username ("sa") and password for later use
    4. Click Add Current User
    5. Click Next
  3. Click Next

SSAS configuration

  1. Under Analysis Services Configuration
    1. Select Tabular Mode
    2. Click Add Current User
    3. Click Next
  2. Ready to Install
    1. Click Install
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INstall & Configure:

SQL SERVER Management Studio (SSMS)

Install Management Studio

  1. Go To SQL Server Management Studio Download Page
  2. Click Free Download SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Run the Installer
  4. Click Install
  5. Restart Computer

Log-In to Management Studio

  1. Launch Management Studio
  2. Select SQL Server Authentication
  3. Type the Username ("sa") and Password you created during the SQL Server installation.
  4. Click Connect

Congratulations! You've completed the training module

Create a Sandbox


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